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양재인 (Jane/재인) - Guitarist, Composer, Producer, Professor


His original name is Yang Jae In. His nick name and working name is Jane in South Korea. So, in English-speaking countries, people think that he is a woman by his name.

He Jane was born in Aug 16 1979 in South Korea.

In 2001, he made his debut in South Korea with the modern rock band ‘Yellowcorn’.

From this point on, He began to record and make public appearances.


  • He quit his band because he had to join the army. 

  • Korean men are eligible to be drafted from the age of eighteen.


From 2002 to 2004, he played the guitar at the Ministry of National Defense Military Band.


After discharge from the army since 2004 he has been a guitarist for the band Common Ground. The band Common Ground is a funk band whose main focus is horn sections, and it has a unique position in Korea. The band has so far released four full-length albums, one EP and several singles. Due to this band activity, he is well known in South Korea as a guitarist who plays the rhythm guitar well. 


Since 2006, he has been an official artist of Yamaha Music Korea.


He playing guitar on SNL Korea (‘Saturday Night Live’ lisenced), which runs live from 10 p.m. every Saturday night on Channel tvN. (2012 ~ 2018). Coupang Play SNL Korea (2021 ~ Now)


In addition to band activities, he is also performing solo and released his first solo album in 2012. (Jane’s Jam Track vol.1)


It became an issue in 2015 by releasing a collaboration song ‘West Coast Drive’ with a world-famous guitarist Paul Jackson, Jr. 

Since then, it has been performing high-quality music through music work with world-class artists such as Oz Noy, Jimmy Haslip, Jack Thammarat, etc.)


He has been a professor at Meongji College, Applied Music since 2015, Baeksuk Art University since 2020.


He is currently still appearing in various festivals and broadcasts and is playing guitar-directing by K-pop artists

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