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■ Jane's Funk Guitar vol.2 - Solo 


■ Funk Guitar Rhythm Ex.1~100 and Bonus

■ Original Audio File Included

■ Free Demonstration Video on YouTube Channel Jane's Guitar

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1. Basic Notation
Quarter Note
8th Note
Double Stop
16th Note

2. Practice Everyday
Major Scale Quarter Note
Major Scale 8th Note
Major Scale 16th Note
Major Scale Triplet
Major Pentatonic Scale 16th Note

3. One Chord Funk
Minor Pentatonic Scale IDEA
Blues Scale IDEA
Major Pentatonic Scale IDEA
Dorian Mode IDEA
Mixolydian Mode IDEA

4. Church Mode
Ionian Mode
Dorian Mode
Phrygian Mode
Lydian, Mixolydian Mode
Aeolian, Locrian Mode

5. Chord Tone
Dominant 7th IDEA I
Minor 7th IDEA I
Dominant 7th IDEA II
Minor 7th IDEA II

6. Target Note
Target Note Root
Target Note 3rd, 5th
Target Note 7th & Development

7. Chord Progression
Progression I
Progression II, III
Progression IV, V
Progression VI, VII
Progression VIII

8. Final Exercise
"Eastern Funk" Solo (feat. Oz Noy)
"West Coast Drive" Solo (feat. Paul Jadckson, Jr.)


■ Credits


Guitar : Jane, Oz Noy, Paul Jackson Jr.

Drum : Derico Watson

Bass : Anthony Crawford

Keyboards : Isaiah Thornton

[Jane's Funk Guitar vol.2 Solo] (PDF File + Audio Track)

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